Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

Top Reasons To Choose Vinyl Siding

by Edgar Cruz

Is the siding on your home starting to show its age? Are you tired of a house with peeling paint or cracked siding? Replacing the siding on your home is an extremely important part of keeping your house looking beautiful. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing vinyl siding instead of other choices:

Vinyl siding is long lasting: Wood siding may crack and warp over time, as the wood ages and dries out. It's also subject to being eaten by termites and rot. But wood doesn't conduct heat or cold very well, helping to add a small amount of extra insulation to your home. Metal siding can be durable and needs little maintenance. But is not a good insulator at all, so it does little to keep out the heat and cold.

Vinyl siding can be the perfect compromise between these two products. Like wood, it adds a small amount of extra exterior insulation to your home. Like metal, vinyl siding will not rot nor will it be eaten by any insects. As a result, vinyl siding can keep your home looking great for many decades to come.

Vinyl needs no painting: Unlike wooden siding, you don't need to paint vinyl siding in order for it to continue looking fresh and new. Although wooden siding may only need to be repainted every two or three years, depending on where you live, you may start to feel like your house is constantly in need of being repainted. Since this can be a time consuming process, vinyl siding offers welcome relief from the pressure of feeling like you need to paint and repaint your home.

Vinyl siding can be painted, if desired: Are you thrilled at the idea of not needing to paint your home, but you still think you might want a color change in a decade or so? Although there is no need to paint vinyl to preserve it, you still have the option of painting it.

If you decide that you want your blue house to be green instead, that's certainly an option. While you may have been told that it's impossible to paint vinyl siding, many brands of paint now offer special formulations just for this task. When your siding is being installed, you can ask the installer what brand paint they recommend for your specific siding. The manufacturer itself may also have a paint preference for customers who like an occasional change. Even if you don't plan on painting your home any time in the near future, keep these recommendations handy in the event that you do decide that you need a new color.

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Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

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