Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

Tips For Preventing Mildew On Vinyl Siding

by Edgar Cruz

If you are a homeowner, you likely want your home to look good and last a long time. This can be difficult if you are constantly having to deal with siding that is growing mold. Vinyl siding is one such culprit. It's extremely durable and can deal with lots of different types of weather. However, parts of your vinyl siding might start to grow mold if it is in the shade. Mold will grow in any place is that is cool and damp. Here are some tips for preventing mildew on vinyl siding.

1. Look for Areas That Become Moist More Frequently

Because the siding is on the outside of your house, there is a chance that any part of it might get wet when it rains. However, some parts of your siding will experience moisture more often because of where they are located. Because mold tends to grow in areas that are damp, these are going to be more likely to harbor mold. For example, you might have some siding that is located near enough to a tree for the tree to drip on it long after the rain has stopped. You might have siding that is underneath a leaking rain gutter. Be sure that you mark all of these areas that are exposed to moisture more often on a map of your house so that you can return to them and inspect them more regularly. 

2. Look for Areas That Are Frequently in the Shade

The next thing that you want to look for are areas that are frequently in the shade due to the fact that mold tends to grow in areas that are also dark. Make a note of these areas on your map of the house. 

3. Look for Overlap

Finally, look at your map for overlap between areas that are often moist and areas that are often in the shade. These are the parts of your siding that you should inspect on a monthly basis for mold because they are the most likely to have the conditions that are necessary for mold growth.

4. Use Bleach

If you do find mildew, be sure that you kill it fully using a combination of water and bleach. Just wiping it away with water will just smear it around. Kill the mildew as quickly as possible so that it does not have time to spread.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in siding repair.


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Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

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