Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

How to Successfully Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding

by Edgar Cruz

More and more homeowners are choosing to sheath their home in vinyl siding because of its low price point and ease of maintenance. Of course, sooner or later you'll need to give your vinyl siding a good cleaning. A pressure washer is a great way to accomplish this task--so long as you go about it the right way. if you would like to learn more about successfully cleaning your vinyl siding, read on. This article will offer three tips for getting the job done with a pressure washer.

Shield adjacent flowers and bushes.

By definition, pressure washers generate a good deal of pressure. This makes them capable of inadvertently damaging the contents of nearby planting beds. While it can be tempting to think you'll be able to wield your pressure washer accurately enough to avoid this, a better strategy is to cover up your bushes and flowers with either a tarp or a painting drop cloth. These will protect against stripped leaves, broken stems, and other potential problems.

Know your pressure washer's rating.

While virtually any pressure washer is capable of ravaging plants and shrubs, not all of them are going to be equipped to remove the sorts of stains and dirt that cling to vinyl siding. If that is the case, then you may find that the cleaning takes much longer than it should--long enough hat you may as well be doing it by hand. Electrically powered pressure washers often suffer from this flaw; they simply aren't capable of generating the same degree of power as gas powered models.

The good news is that you can easily determine whether or not your washer is up to snuff simply by checking its pressure rating, which should be identified somewhere on the washer itself. If not, your owner's manual should display this information prominently. Models with pressure ratings below 1300 psi will likely struggle to get the job done.

Utilize a wide angle spray tip.

On the other end of the spectrum from an underpowered pressure washer is one that is simply too strong. In some ways, this can be even worse, since now you run the risk of damaging your siding with the water, whose sharp and forceful edge can easily cut gouges in the relatively soft siding. To avoid this scenario, be sure to equip your washer with a wide angle spray tip. This will act to diffuse the force of the water over a greater area, thus reducing the chances that it will lead to unintentional forms of damage. 


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Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

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