Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

Four Upgrades To Consider When Replacing Your Home's Roof

by Edgar Cruz

Most people don't spend much time thinking about their roof until it is time to replace it. If you're going to invest in a new roof for your house, you may want to consider including some upgrades that will improve its function and longevity. When talking with roofing contractors about a new roof, ask about the following popular roofing upgrades:

Energy Efficient Shingles

Most people want to save money on their heating and cooling bills and make their home more energy efficient. In the past, making a roof more energy efficient involved using light-colored or white roofing shingles to reflect the sun, but many people did not like how these colors looked on the roof. Roofing material technology has changed, and now there are a wide number of energy efficient shingles available in a variety of colors, from slate to wood tones. The granules in these shingles reflect heat and also remit any heat that is absorbed.

Airtight Chimney Cap

Most traditional chimneys have a metal chimney cap to help keep out animals and rain; however, the chimney cap is not airtight. The damper inside your fireplace is also not airtight, so even when it is closed, the warm air from your house is seeping out during the winter. Having an airtight chimney cap installed while your roof is being replaced is a great solution. To open the spring activated airtight chimney cap, just pull the steel cable mounted inside your fireplace, and then close it when your fire is extinguished.

Better Attic Ventilation 

During the hot summer months a home's attic can be sweltering, which can make the rooms below the attic feel uncomfortably warm. This problem can be fixed by having your roofing contractor install ridge vents along the top of your new roof. These vents are not easy to see from the ground, but they will help promote airflow in the attic so hot air can escape, thus keeping your home cooler.

Low-Maintenance Gutters

A house's gutter system plays a big role in the health of a roof. If your current gutters are misaligned or starting to show their age, it can be a good idea to upgrade to a gutter system that has built-in curved hoods over the top of the gutter. These types of gutters are visually appealing and virtually maintenance-free. Water will still flow freely through the gutters, but the curved hoods keep out leaves and debris so your gutters will never get clogged and you will never have to clean them out. 

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Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

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