Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

Reasons To Think About Installing Concrete Tiles For Your New Roof

by Edgar Cruz

When you consider all your roofing options, you may not think about concrete tile. While it's not as common as asphalt or metal roofing, it is worth taking a close look when you want a durable roof that lasts for decades. Here are some benefits of choosing concrete tiles for your new roof.

Concrete Gives Your Home Curb Appeal

Concrete tiles have an attractive appearance. They can be colored to look like slate or clay tiles, so they look luxurious at a far less price. The tiles come in different colors as well as different shapes. The tiles can be flat or curved, and the curves can be of different heights. This helps them achieve the appearance of flat slate or double-roll clay. In addition, the surface can be smooth or textured. This allows you to achieve the perfect look for your home's architecture.

Concrete tiles are made just like other concrete products from a mixture of sand, water, and cement that can be molded into any shape. The tiles can even take on the appearance of wood. Concrete tiles are suitable for most types of home architecture, but since they are heavy, you need to make sure your home can support their weight.

Concrete Roofs Are Durable

Concrete is a very durable building material. Even though the roofing tiles are thin when compared to concrete used for other purposes, they are still strong enough to withstand strong winds. Concrete roofs are popular in regions prone to hurricanes for this reason. Concrete also protects your home from fire, and it won't be damaged by insects or mammal pests. The tiles are installed in an overlapping fashion so water rolls right off the roof. When you have the concrete sealed, it repels water to provide excellent protection for your home.

If you don't have the concrete sealed, the tiles absorb some water each time it rains, but they dry out quickly so you don't have to worry about water seeping through the tiles and harming your home. Like clay tiles, concrete tiles can be cracked if you don't walk on them properly, but if you're careful when cleaning or examining your roof, the concrete tiles should last for several decades. When you want to replace the roof, the concrete tiles can be recycled rather than take up space in a landfill.

If you love the appearance of a tile roof, then concrete is something to consider since it looks nearly the same as clay, but it costs less. The roof will provide excellent protection for your home and it might be the last time you'll need to have a new roof put on since concrete tiles have such a long life.


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Waterproof, Windproof and Weatherproof: The Perfect Roof for Your Climate

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